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Kinesiology taping

This adjunct treatment utilizes strips of elastic cotton tape to change tissue

tension.  Depending on how the tape is applied, it can decrease swelling,

decrease pain, decrease tightness or improve strength.  It can be worn for 3-7


Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is an all encompassing term used to identify hands-on treatments by the

clinician.  These may include:


A form of soft tissue mobilization used to lengthen tense muscles and connective tissues.

This gentle technique works with the body to restore normal tissue lengths while reducing pain.

JOINT Manipulations

This treatment consists of passive movements of joints to stretch the connective tissues

that may be contributing to stiffness and pain.  These gentle techniques can improve

joint function by improving joint lubrication as well as stretching tight fibers.

Graston Technique

Graston Technique consists of applying heat to warm the tissues prior to soft tissue

manipulation to decrease pain while improving overall movement and function.  Patients

are then instructed on home exercises specific to their condition and to re-enforce the

clinical treatments for long-term relief of symptoms.


Manual & Physical Therapies

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Gua Sha

Gua sha is a form of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization used to treat the

fascia which is a very thin tissue between the muscles and the skin.  Treatment is

applied using a surgical stainless-steel tool.  Often, this portion of the treatment

only lasts 1-2 minutes per area but can create substantial decreases in pain while

improving overall mobility.


Another type of TCM, our clinic uses pneumatic cups.  This technological advance

allows for better control of the amount of stretch the cups apply to the skin and soft

tissues.  Again, this technique is designed to separate the skin from the fascia

from the muscle to improve mobility of all three types of tissue.

Therapeutic Dry needling

Similar to acupuncture, this techniques uses microfine needles to stimulate trigger

points or areas of tightness within a muscle.  This can cause relaxation of the

painful area while also stimulating blood flow to increase healing.