Manual & Physical Therapies

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​​Manual Therapy & Kinesiology Taping Courses for Beginners & Advanced!

Injuries can occur in many different settings, from acute injuries on the playing field to overuse injuries in the office.   People rarely seek immediate treatment feeling that the pain will “go away on its own”.  However, what tends to happen is the body adapts to the injured area but creates distal or systemic dysfunctions in the process.  This makes the diagnosis more difficult as the person has symptoms that brought them in but an underlying, unresolved injury that may or may not be symptomatic. Regardless of the situation, patients want to return to their normal activities as quickly and pain-free as possible.  Kinesiology taping is a great adjunct treatment for manual therapists to allow your efforts to continue working even after the patient has left your clinic. These timely, 1-day courses are designed to introduce kinesiology taping to restore your patients’ mobility and function:  

Live courses

     Kinesiology Taping for Rehabilitation Professionals

     Evidence Inspired Manual Therapy & Kinesiology Taping

     Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction (coming soon)